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Bearings for Specific Application

  • High precision bearings designed only for printing machines to achieve high printing quality

  • To obtain predetermined preload clearance after attachment, initial internal clearance has setup. Preload adjustment during an assembly process is unnecessary.
  • The type with a built-in seal has unnecessary seal fixation during an assembly process.
  • Lightweight, compact and handling is easy.

  • Design for high temperature, and high rotating speed.
  • High performance seal to prevent the ingress of dust and water.
  • This bearing has longer operating life under engine vibration conditions because of excellent grease for high temperature, high rotating speed and vibration.

  • Design for high temperature, and high rotating speed.
  • Design for exclusive use in manual transmission clutch.
  • Designed with aligning function and positioning features .
  • Low-friction factor resin reduces rotation abrasion of the axle.

  • Full compliment double-row cylindrical roller bearings with ribs on inner and outer rings
  • High dynamic and static radial load capacity fairly large moment load and some axial load can also be supported.

  • Ball screw support bearing with large axial rigidity and seals.
  • Maintenance-free with high performance lubrication grease.
    (The foreign substance invasion from the outside is prevented)
  • Ease of installation with pre-adjusted preload.

  • Bearings for axles, gear boxes and traction motors
  • Exclusive design for each application.
    Cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used for axles with heavy radial load (Double-row tapered roller bearings have also used recently).
    Tapered roller bearings are used for gear boxes where large thrust loads are expected.
    Deep-groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are used for traction motors.